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In October 19, 2010 at 10:29 PM, AerialX (a well known developer who made several contributions, not only for the PlayStation 3) said to the world :

I’ve been up to a lot of game hacking recently, but more on that later. Anyone interested in an open SDK?

It was the beginning of the true homebrew for the PlayStation 3, something that we were waiting since a very long time.

Times goes on and PSL1GHT become more and more useful and complete, but for some reasons, the amount of homebrew release was not very high. First we thought it was because the PlayStation 3 homebrew scene was still “young”, that we should give it more time to become “mature” like the Wii homebrew scene (by saying this, i’m thinking of Wiibrew community, of course).

We can add to this, the fact that the PlayStation 3 scene was under heavy attacks by SONY, for example the GIT servers or GIT repositories (gitorious, github and git-hacks) were all shutting down (because of DMCA or just because of the GIT administrator). So without a place to gather all the homebrew and source code, it was very difficult to actually learn (from the existing homebrew source code) and contribute (thanks to other developers knowledge).

Actually, there’re other factors which can explain the lack of homebrew of the PlayStation 3 scene, but i’m not going to make an entire blog post about this. The point is that someone who understood the “bad” situation where we were decided to help a little :

In June 11, 2011 at 12:02 PM, Deroad (who became a well known developer who made several contributions) created the “[Mega-Thread] HACKING a PS3 – Tutorials and Explanations” topic on both PSX-Scene and PS3hax community website. And this was only a start because in September 30, 2011 at 3:05 am, he created the PS3Tutorials Wiki.

This initiative is one of the first real attempt to teach to the average user (with some basics on C/C++) to program and develop homebrew for the PlayStation 3 console. The PS3Tutorials Wiki became very popular and received numerous contributions by various members (the main contributor was and still is Deroad). The wiki has been translated in French and partially translated in Italian and Spanish.

But now we are bringing PS3Tutorials Wiki to a new stage, it is now known as the PSXBrew Wiki which leads to many improvements that you can read by visiting this brand new wiki (so you can see that we don’t have change the name only). You can learn what is the main goal of this initiative and how to contribute to this by reading the Frequently Asked Questions page.

I will not hide the fact that we want to build something similar of the Wiibrew Community. That’s why we’ve created a new forums, in order to talk about PlayStation 3 programming. So you’re very welcome to the PSXBrew Forums.

There’re too many things to say, so i’m gonna stop now, maybe i’ll edit this blog post later to add other information/facts. I want to finish this post by thanking Deroad for all he has done for the PlayStation 3 scene. My last words will be a direct message to you, dear reader :

Learn, communicate, contribute and also… RTFM and STFW ! :p

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  1. Korben says:

    Even if this community announcement is focused about PSXBrew Wiki and Deroad/Wargio works, please be aware that there’re (of course) many other contributors in the PlayStation 3 scene (do I really need to clarify this fact ?), working everyday to build a better place for the homebrew/hacking community. You can find most of them here :

    Not to mention PS3DevWiki is the best place for PlayStation 3 documentation related to hacking/reversing/hardware/otheros/files.

    And last but not least, i think PS3History Website is one of the “must read” for those who want to understand the PlayStation 3 scene (for example, in order to not write/tell bullsh** like “Geohot created the first CFW” or the recent “devgods (who invented this retard expression ?) did/do nothing”) :

    ps : a little bit of humor, my “retro-gravatar” have to be the pink one with an odd shape…

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